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The Water Temple healing garden design

The Water Temple 

The Water Temple is a healing garden designed to help people slow down and to be a space for Transmuting thoughts and feelings and Manifesting new ones. 

Water garden-1.jpg

The visitor begins their Journey to the centre of the garden by walking around the perimeter until they find the hidden entrance. The perimeter is lined by bamboos that keep the space enclosed and secluded from the outside. The gentle sound of trickling water emanates from within.

The visitor walks follows the bamboos until the hidden entrance appears in front of them.  

 Inside, there is a circular path surrounded by tall, majestic black bamboos. As they enter, a peaceful sensation starts to emerge in them. 

Water garden-2.jpg

The circular path ends, and on the right, a beautiful, carved stone seat appears.

It has an inscription that kindly asks you to walk barefoot. The grass is soft, fresh and trimmed.

A new entrance comes into sight and a circular pond majestically emerges. The pond has a beautiful, delicate stone feature with a tree and a small covered fire in the middle. To get to the centre, you need to get into the pond. 

As the visitor gets close to the water, they come to a circular knee-deep path. As they walk towards the centre, they start to feel more present and relaxed. 

Surrounding the path are 12 water fountains, each with a message written on them. 

Each message evokes a deep sense of presence, trust and love.

The last one explains how to release the old and manifest the new.

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