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the eternal swing contemplative garden design

The Eternal Swing 

This space, designed as a contemplative garden, is in the middle of a forest clearing. 

The air is fresh and the sun casts shadows around

The wind gently and invitingly waves the swing. 

the eternal swing contemplative garden design

How do I get there?

The water is clean and only ankle-deep. The dark stone underneath is warm from the sun, so I make my way slowly, enjoying the sensations in my feet. 

Time seems to stop. 

 I start to notice the sound of the leaves, the temperature of the air and my own thoughts and inner state. 

I see the swing closer now, and I am trying to imagine how it will move when I jump on it. ​​​​​​​

columpio_Photo - 6.jpg

The chain is warm and delicate. I sit on the surface of the swing and intuitively know how to sway. 

It starts to move slower than I thought, in giant circles, and I feel like I am flying as the water shines and reflects light to me. 

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