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The Design of this Garden is inspired by the Anemone flower, which in Greek means:

The Daughter of the Wind 


The garden offers a sensory spiritual experience that begins on approach to the space.

In the trees at either entrance, handmade ceramic bowls hold burning botanical incense, creating a scented invisible gate and awakening the senses.


The space opens up with two paths at either side, where signs invite visitors to walk barefoot through the garden. 

Walking barefoot enables them to fully experience the garden, feel rooted and connect with the space and the Present Moment

As the visitors walk on the lawn path, they are welcomed with a surprising sight: a rock fountain enveloped by a bed of thriving anemones. 


As the continue further a majestic shallow pool appear in full view. 

Everyone can relax around the pool, where flat rocks allow you to sit and feel the space. 

It becomes a grounding experience with the sound of the falling water, its touch in their feet and the soothing site of the floating waterlilies. 

At a certain time of the day, visitors are invited to participate in a short ritual. They choose a phrase describing a desire they want to manifest or a feeling they wish to leave in the past.  Placing the desire in a magic ceramic cauldron containing a candle, they use the candle flame to burn the small piece of paper carrying their chosen phrase.

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